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Human Nutrition and Dietetics department representing Women University Mardan Participated in Product development event organized by Abdul Wali Khan University.  Our team got 2nd position and 15 thousand rupees in cash.
This idea was nominated among 35 ideas, 8 universities and many colleges from KP participated in this huge competition. 
Students presented few meal products prepared for various health conditions. All products were appreciated by judges and the audience.
Start Date : End Date :

Start Date : 2022-05-11 End Date : 2022-05-11

The seminar focused on nutritional awareness that how we can improve our health conditions especially for women’s. The Speakers were Abdur Rehman Wasli (Wellness Trainer) and Dr Kiran Rabi (Consultant Nutritionist). The Seminar was consisted of two segments, In the first segment speakers focused on “Nutritional Assessment” and practically did the assessment of calculating BMI, Height, Weight, MUAC, Visceral fats. While in the second segment the speakers focused on “Nutritional Counseling” that how a nutritionist can design a diet plan. The features and circumstances of a healthy diet plan were discussed in detail. There were huge number of audiences present in the seminar, most of the audience participated in the Question-Answer session and were enjoyed mostly the brainstorming session. 

Start Date : 2021-12-07 End Date : 2021-12-07

Dr. Ayesha Bibi (Chairperson) and Ms Sadaf Ambreen (Lecturer) organized one day study trip on 1st of December 2021 for Human Nutrition and Dietetics (HND) Department students to Nutrition Division of National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) Islamabad.

NIH Nutrition Division staff welcomed us and gave a comprehensive overview of their activities. The students also visited various food analytical laboratories which include Analysis of quality parameters, proximate analysis of macronutrients, micronutrients/mineral detection, and chemical contamination. At each lab the concerned scientific officer briefed the students about use and function of various equipment and chemicals they also perform few practical for student learning.

After that the next place of visit was National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology NIGAB and Food Science Institute (FSI) National Agriculture Research Council NARC Islamabad. The staff of the said departments took students to various labs and gave a brief introduction about each lab and its purpose.

Start Date : 2021-12-01 End Date : 2021-12-01

Topics being covered were
1) Future Vehicular Technologies
2) Digital Media Marketing 
3) Graphic Designing.
It was a worthwhile experience for the students and they really enjoyed the sessions. Digital Marketing helps generate engagement with prospective students using the right Content. Students can finance them selves by using these skills and can do freelancing with the help of Graphic designing and Digital Media Marketing.
Start Date : 2021-10-28 End Date : 2021-10-29

Sashes Distribution ceremony of proctorial board of Main campus was held  at Women University, Mardan under the supervision of chief proctor Dr. Ayesha Bibi,  was held on Friday 1st . Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen was the Chief guest of the event.
 The chief guest awarded sashes to the president proctor, Summaya from Department of Biotechnology, Vice-president proctor Sara Noor from Department Botany and Eesha Farooq  from Department of Microbiology, and also to  Chief Proctors and class Proctors from other science departments.
In the end worthy Vice Chanceller  advised all the proctors to perform their duties with sincerity and maintain the discipline of University as per according to the rules and regulation of Women University Mardan.
Start Date : 2022-04-01 End Date : 2022-04-01

Free nutritional assessment camps were organized by the Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Women University Mardan at Al Islah Centre Sheikh Maltoon Town, Mardan, Anjuman Sardhadi Yateem Khana and  Blossom Orphanage for  Girls. The purpose of these Nutritional assessment camps was to assess the Nutritional Status, Dietary intake of the children as well as the hygiene practices of the centres. 
A group of students along with faculty of HND   visited these orphanage centres. A total of 500 children were assessed during these camps. Data regarding Anthropometry (Height, weight, body mass index and waist to hip Ratio) , Health status, and dietary intake (food intakes) was collected from the enrolled children. After successful completion of Nutritional assessment the Faculty and Students also visited the kitchen area and the dinning hall in order to observe the kitchen environment and other hygiene practices. At the end of the camp some gift vouchers including healthy food item i.e.  juices, cupcakes chocolates, biscuits were distributed among the orphans. Department of Human Nutrition will continue to  serve its  comuunity by  more such fee camaps in future as well.
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Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics of Women University Mardan in joint collaboration with Students Nutrition Club Mardan and Nutritionist Society Pakistan organized KPK Nutrition Festival at main campus of Women University Mardan.
A brief introduction of Women University Mardan and Human Nutrition and Dietetics was presented by the hosts. The founder of SNCP and NSP,  Shoaib Aziz, elaborated the purpose behind the foundation of NSP and SNCP. He talked about Pakistan Food and Nutrition Vision 2047, a vision which purpose is to put an end to malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency in Pakistan till 2047. 
Secretary General of Pakistan National Heart Association (PANHA) informed about non communicable diseases and said that Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) is one of the major diet related cause of non communicable diseases like diabetes, CVDs and Mental Retardation etc. 
Besides this Mr. Darya Khan, public health nutritionist in KPK talked about different nutrition programs in KPK and the nutrition problem currently prevailing in KPK.
In the festival, different food stalls was organized by the students of HND department.  Different new products were presented by the students. Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yasmin,  Worth Vice Chancellor Women University Mardan, inaugurated the event by ribbon cutting ceremony. She visited different stalls and appreciated the efforts of the students.
At the end of the session prize distribution ceremony was held, in which students were awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd position for their products. Shield of honor was presented to the chief guest Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yasmin by SNCP Head Shoaib Aziz. Shields were presented to others honorable guests and SNCP cabinet team. 
At the end of the session, chairperson of HND department Dr. Ayesha Bibi presented a brief introduction of HND department. She said that the HND department was established in 2016 with 20 numbers of students and now it has more than 200 students. She added that the department is flourishing day by day and today it has organized first KPK Nutrition Festival in Mardan. She paid thanks to all guests, including chief guests, and guests from different hospitals like  Bacha Khan Medical College and students from differebnt universities who enlightened the event with their presence. She also thanked organizing team for organizing such a wonderful event.
Start Date : 2022-04-01 End Date : 2022-04-01

Ms. Munawar Jan, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Women University Mardan (WUM) has organized an awareness Session on “Islamic Banking” in Collaboration with National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF) an institution working under State Bank of Pakistan Islamabad on 13th December, 2019.

The training was delivered by Mr. Muhammad Arif, Senior Joint Director, Islamic Banking (NIBAF), then followed by a detailed presentation on the Islamic Banking & its importance elaborated by Qazi Abdul Samad (President Shariah Board member Head of Compliance, bank of Khyber), he also provided an insight about the differences between conventional & Islamic Banking. 

Further Mr. Farid Khan (Joint Director Islamic Banking Department, State Bank Karachi) was invited to talk about Shariah Compliance, Regulatory Framework, & Constitutional Provisions of Islamic Banking. It was an informative session successfully conducted for the students & faculty members of WUM Mardan. The main aim of this gathering was to educate new generation about Islamic Banking & to promote & highlight the importance of Islamic Banking.

Start Date : 2019-12-13 End Date : 2019-12-13

Ms. Munawar Jan, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Women University Mardan (WUM) has organized a Seminar on Islamic Finance on 24th December, 2018. Qazi Abdul Samad (President Shariah Board Member Head of Compliance, Bank of Khyber) was the guest speaker from Head office Peshawar.

Start Date : 2018-12-24 End Date : 2018-12-29

Ms. Munawar Jan, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Women University Mardan (WUM) has participated in Five days Training Program “Fundamentals of Islamic Banking Operations (FIBO)” offered by “Islamic Banking Department (IBD), State Bank of Pakistan in joint collaboration with National Institute of Banking and Finance (FIBO)” from 29th October, 2018 to 2nd November, 2018 at Mardan.

Start Date : 2018-10-29 End Date : 2018-11-02

Ms. Munawar Jan, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Women University Mardan (WUM) has participated in Six days Training Workshop and Successfully completed “THE DEVELOPMENT TRAINING” offered by “KP IMPACT CHALLENGE PROJECT” from 4th to 9th October, 2018 at Women University Mardan in joint collaboration with Lahore University of Management Sciences and Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Start Date : 2018-10-04 End Date : 2018-10-09

Ms. Munawar Jan, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Women University Mardan (WUM) has participated in a 2-days training on “APPLIED TIMESERIES ANALYSIS USING E-VIEWS” organized by University of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 7th & 8th February, 2020. The resource person of the training was Dr. Wasim Shahid Malik.

Start Date : 2020-02-07 End Date : 2020-02-08

Ms. Munawar Jan, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Women University Mardan (WUM) has participated in One day Hands-on Training Workshop on “ENDNOTE AS REFERENCING TOOL” and Successfully completed the training which was jointly organized by “PAKISTAN SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGICAL INFORMATION CENTRE (PASTIC), PESHAWAR and ORIC, UNIVERSITY OF PESHAWAR” on February 12th 2020 at University of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Start Date : 2020-02-12 End Date : 2020-02-12

The report is presenting the participation of teachers and students of the department of Botany WUM, actively in the one-day seminar organized by the Department of Botany, Women University Mardan. The seminar was organized by HOD, Arooj Javed, Department of Botany, WUM, Dated 11 Mar. 2020. The theme of seminar was The Green Revolution. The chief guest was Prof. Dr. Anwar Hussain, Department of Botany, AWKUM. The most important objective of seminar was to produce awareness about the importance of plants.

Start Date : 2020-03-11 End Date : 2020-03-11

One day seminar was arranged by Department of English on the topic ‘Genre Analysis’ presented by Dr. Liaqat Iqbal, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan on 14th March, 2019. Faculty members and students of the Department attended the seminar. The purpose of the seminar was to provide an insight into the area, which is a recent development in Applied Discourse Studies.

Start Date : 2019-03-14 End Date : 2019-03-14

Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Women University Mardan  has organised a one day seminar on the product development in  collaboration with Student Nutrition Club Pakistan on 16 March 2022. The guest speaker of seminar was Mr Muhammad Usman Arif. The purpose of seminar was to guide students for product development for various health issue by modifying their nutrition composition. Respected speaker also guided students regarding marketing and advertisement of newly launched  products,  he also raised shortcomings for product development . At the end  Dr. Ayesha Bibi,  Chairperson Department of Human nutrition and Dietetics thanked the organisers from SNCP for organising an informative seminar.

Start Date : 2022-03-16 End Date : 2022-03-16

Department of English, Women University Mardan organized a two day English Language Teacher Training (ELTT) WORKSHOP ON 16th and 17th Dec, 2019. English lecturers from the government colleges of District Mardan participated in the training. Participants were given detailed presentation about how to teach English language with higher success. They were presented with different aspects of language teaching and how to make it more effective. The personal experiences and feedback of the participants were taken into account.

The workshop was concluded with highly efficient material and qualified trainers to achieve maximum results.

Women University Mardan believes in taking steps forward and with this motive, it attempted to arrange training workshop which was made possible due to sincere of organizers and trainers.

Mr. Roz Muhammad , Additional Director, Higher Education, Peshawar joined as chief guest in the ceremony and distributed certificates among the participants, trainers and organizer.

In his address, he appreciated the efforts of university and hoped that the university will arrange such workshops in future as well and ensured his full cooperation.

Start Date : 2019-12-16 End Date : 2019-12-17

In order to critically engage with, and contribute to, scholarly and policy debates within the discipline, they must first familiarize themselves with a broad range of research traditions, methods and techniques. Keeping in view the significance of data analysis in research, the Department of Political Science and Institute of Education & Research conducted a one day workshop on Research and Data Analysis using SPSS for the students of social sciences on 25th November 2019. Students from departments of Economics, English and Psychology also benefited from the seminar.

The Guest Speaker was Dr. Muhammad Zahid, who is expert in SPSS and Deputy Director ORIC, City University of Science and Information Technology Peshawar. The Speakers dwelled into the concept and significance of data collection and analysis in research. They gave a step by step detailed lecture on using SPSS software for data entry, data cleaning, data diagnostics and analysis. The Speakers also provided the students reference books, videos and his research as a guideline.

The seminar was successful in introducing the students of social sciences to data analysis and how to utilize different types of data techniques for their research. The faculty members also benefited from the advance research and data analysis methods which will be helpful in their higher education. The Department of Political Science and Institute of Education & Research will continue to provide more such opportunities to enhance and polish the research skills of students of Women University Mardan.

Start Date : 2019-11-25 End Date : 2019-11-25

Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Women University Mardan arranged a one day study trip to faculty of Nutrition Sciences University of Agriculture Peshawar on 14th November, 2019. The aim of organizing that trip was to vast the vision of student related to their subject and gain addition knowledge about advance laboratories. They visit laboratories of different departments (Human Nutrition, Agricultural Biochemistry and Food Science and Technology). The trip was proved very valuable for students.

Start Date : 2019-11-14 End Date : 2019-11-14

Department of Management Sciences has arranged seminar entitled ‘An Academic & motivational talk’ on 15th November 2019.  In this one day seminar students gain a lot of knowledge that how organizations process to achieve goals. The motivational talk' has enforced students to learn practical knowledge from experienced guest speaker Prof Dr. Mohammed Bashir khan. He is professor in faculty of management sciences in International Islamic University Islamabad. He joined International Islamic University as a Dean and elevated to the position of Vice president from 2013 - 2018. He is also an approved HEC PhD supervisor in area of Management Sciences

Start Date : 2019-11-15 End Date : 2019-11-15

Chairpersons and Faculty members of Zoology Department in collaboration with Human Nutrition And Dietetics Department Women University Mardan arranged a one day workshop on Statistical Tool “SPSS” venue at Main Hall Women University Mardan dated 23rd October 2019. The Guest Speaker of workshop was Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Chairman Department of Statistics Islamia College University, Peshawar.

Start Date : 2019-10-23 End Date : 2019-10-23

As around one million Indian Army has sieged 8 million unarmed civilians in occupied Kashmir for over three months, the Muslim countries should play their role in resolution of the longstanding issue. This was said by Assistant Professor Dr Rashida Parveen while addressing a one-day seminar on “Kashmir dispute and need of unity among Muslim countries’’ at Women University Mardan. The seminar was jointly organized by departments of Islamic Studies and Urdu.

Since the Muslim majority population of occupied Kashmir are facing the difficulties after imposition of curfew since the 5th of August 2019, the over 50 Muslim countries should raise their voice against the Indian atrocities, she said. “Apart from the silence on the part of United Nation and western world, the division within Muslim block is the major cause behind unresolved disputes like Kashmir and Palestine,” she said adding the international community is yet to take serious notice of Indian atrocities.

According to her Kashmir issue, unfortunately, is often confused as a territorial dispute between Pakistan and India. From the Ummah’s point of view, Kashmir is as important as Kosova, Bosnia or any other part of the world where Muslims are suffering. Some Muslims unfortunately have developed a strange outlook. They only pay attention if Muslims are suffering grievously and are the victims of horrible crimes.

Addressing the seminar Head of the Department of Urdu Ms Rani Begum highlighted the historic background of the dispute saying that it was an unfinished agenda of division of the subcontinent, initiated in 1947. She the plebiscite on Kashmir, as guaranteed under the resolutions of United Nations, will actually decide the fate of people of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has been supporting the people of Kashmir for their self-determination under the much waited plebiscite. She said the abrogation of Article 370, which ensures the special status of Kashmir, is clear violation of UN resolutions.

Start Date : 2019-10-29 End Date : 2019-10-29

Chairperson (Dr Saba Zafar) and Faculty members of Physics department women university Mardan arranged one day seminar on Quantum information transfer in hybird quantum system venue at Main Hall Women university Mardan dated 24th of October 2019.The Guest Speaker of this seminar was Dr. Hammad Ali (Assist: Prof) School of Science, Huazhong University of Science and technology Wuhan, China.This seminar was an attractive understanding towards Quantum Mechanics and a great opportunity for upcoming students to develop their interest of research in the field of Quantum Physics.

Start Date : 2019-10-24 End Date : 2019-10-24

Mental health awareness was organized by Department of Psychology at Women University Mardan on 22nd October, 2019. The event initiated with poster competition in which various posters, that followed a common theme of bringing improvements in overall mental health, were displayed. After the poster competition, the event proceeded with presentations on various topics that included suicide prevention and significance of mental health with special reference to student population.

Then a faculty member shared her experiences regarding her mental health awareness program organized at working folk's grammar school on 18th October 2019. The session proceeded with a closing speech that was followed by certificate distribution among the poster competition winners.

Start Date : 2019-10-22 End Date : 2019-10-22

A seminar on career development was arranged by economics department of WUM on Thursday 24th Oct 2019. The organizers have invited Dr. Kokab Manzoor (AP Abasyn University). He is a certified trainer and speaker from Qasim Ali Shah foundation, Children Global Network and Training and Development Network of Pakistan. He is highly experienced motivational speaker and monitor.

Today he delivered speech on self-assessment, confidence building and career selection which is the need of new generation and especially for students who will be joining the market after few years. The session last for half an hour. It was started with recitation of Holy Qura'an and then Mr. Kokab was invited to deliver his speech to the audience.

Overall the speech was really motivational and really interesting. The seminar on career building and selection was very successful and useful. The time was short but well spend.

Start Date : 2019-10-24 End Date : 2019-10-24

Department of Chemistry, Women University Mardan organized a one day seminar on “Synthesis and Characterization of Linear Polymer and Polymer Brushes” dated October 28th, 2019. The Guest Speaker was Dr. Iram Bibi, Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry, Hazara University Mansehra. The seminar proved informative and obliging for the students.

Start Date : 2019-10-28 End Date : 2019-10-28

The Chairperson of Botany Department, Women University Mardan, has arranged one day Workshop on “Importance of Personal Protective Equipment’s in Biological Research” at Main Hall Women University Mardan dated 28th Oct 2019.

The Guest Speaker of the workshop was Dr. Anwar Hussain (Associate Professor) from Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. This workshop was “Information & Attractive understanding toward Biological Research or Personal Protective Equipments” for upcoming students to develop their interest of using laboratory in field of Biological Research.


Start Date : 2019-10-28 End Date : 2019-10-28

Science Exhibition was organized by Science Society of Women University Mardan on 21st march, 2018. Dr Mehar Taj Roghani, Deputy Speaker National assembly was invited as chief guest. Students of Science discipline participated in science exhibition by presenting their models and charts. Students of 4th Semester Msc Microbiology presented their research projects in the form of Posters. Winners of modal were awarded with trophy and participation certificates were distributed among participants. At the end of the event, Honorable Vice chancellor Women University Mardan Prof Dr Ghazala Yasmeen presented shield to the chief guest Dr. Mehar Taj Roghani.

Start Date : 2018-03-21 End Date : 2018-03-21

The faculty and students of Department of Microbiology, Women University Mardan visited University of Peshawar for Educational tour on the 26th of April, 2017. They visited museum, located in Archeology Department, University of Peshawar and also visited laboratories of Center of Biotechnology and Microbiology (COBAM), University of Peshawar.

Start Date : 2017-04-26 End Date : 2017-04-26

The Faculty of Department of Microbiology, Women University Mardan organized a mega event (spring festival, 2017) on 11th of April, 2017, in collaboration with all the societies of the University. The Chief Guests on this occasion was Dr. Kaniz Fatima, Principal of Home Economics College Peshawar. Different stalls such as “Food items, Music dedication, Jewelry and Games Stall” were installed by students and outsiders. Vice Chancellor, Women University Mardan collaborated with the Chief Guest for deciding the winners of the festival. Faculty and students of other Colleges and Universities were invited to enjoy the colors of spring festival. This way, a positive platform was provided for interaction among students of various institutions. The stall hosted by the students of department of Psychology was decided as “Best Stall of the Festival”.

Start Date : 2017-04-11 End Date : 2017-04-11

The faculty and students of Department of Microbiology, Women University Mardan attended 8th International Annual Health Research Conference, at Khyber Medical University Peshawar, held from 24th to 26th of April, 2017.

Start Date : 2017-04-24 End Date : 2017-04-26

The seminar organized by Department of Microbiology was on “Food Borne Pathogens”. The Guest Speaker was Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman, Assistant Professor, AbdulWali Khan University Mardan. First National Seminar Week was held in Women University Mardan, from 13th to 17th February 2017.

Start Date : 2017-02-13 End Date : 2017-02-17

Faculty of Department of Microbiology, Women University Mardan participated in one day Cancer Awareness Seminar, held on 16th of February, 2017 in Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM). The seminar was organized by Department of Microbiology, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) and National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS), Pakistan.

Start Date : 2017-02-16 End Date : 2017-02-16

Ms. Neelam Zeb, Chairperson, Department of Microbiology, participated as organizer in the 2nd training Workshop on “Enzyme Engineering: An efficient tool to improve properties of Industrial Biocatalysts” in National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), Faisalabad held from 5th to 7th December, 2016.

Start Date : 2016-12-05 End Date : 2016-12-07

The faculty of Department of Microbiology, Women University Mardan attended 39th Annual Conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists in Khyber Medical University, Peshawar held from 23rd to 25th of November, 2016.

Start Date : 2016-11-23 End Date : 2016-11-25

Dr Farah khan Assistant professor Women University Mardan presented a research paper on “Schooling and Socio-economic development, A Constructive Review “organized by Abbottabad university of Science & Technology Abbottabad.

Start Date : 2018-04-25 End Date : 2018-04-27

ORIC Women University Mardan organized two days training on YOUTH LED CHANGE MAKING AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP in collaboration with British Council. Hounarable Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mr. Iqbal Zafar Jagrha was the chief guest on the closing ceremony of the said event. 
The Governor appreciated the University’s efforts of adapting new trends in the system of education, and enlightening the students with information other than the textbooks that will help in polishing their skills. He said that he hoped the University would soon make its place in the top rankings of the list of Universities, and women from all over the country would come here for education.
Honorable Vice Chancellor of Women University Mardan highlighted all the progress made by the University in both the curricular and co-curricular activities. The Governor distributed medals and certificates among the students and Faculty members who had attended the youth change-making training; whereas, the Vice Chancellor presented a Shield of Honor to the Chief Guest. During his visit, the Governor also inaugurated the Central Resource Lab and the posters exhibition abiut Disaster Management organized by Department of Psychology.

Start Date : 2018-03-01 End Date : 2018-03-02

Science society and Pashto cultural society organised science competition and Pashto cultural show in connection with women’s Day 2018. Chief guest was senator Dr.Mehr Taj Roghani Ex Deputy Speaker Provincial Assembly KP.

Start Date : 2018-03-21 End Date : 2018-03-21

KP IT Board imparted IT Training to the student of Women University Mardan

Start Date : 2018-02-08 End Date : 2018-02-08

The Police elite force and emergency rescue service 1122 carried out Mock exercise today at Women university Mardan. The purpose of this mock exercise was to create awareness among students about how to react in such situations . The rescue 1122 team gave a training about emergency first aid. The vice Chancellor WUM Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen appreciated security officer for organising the training and mock exercise . She said that these types of exercises train students to effectively handle disasters and hazards.

Start Date : 2018-01-26 End Date : 2018-01-26

Qirat competition was organised by Dept of Islamic studies , Women university Mardan. Chief guest was additional registrar Dr. Rakhshanda Sadiq.

Start Date : 2018-01-24 End Date : 2018-01-24

Dept. of Islamic Studies arranged one day seminar on " interfaith harmony ". Guest speaker was Dr. Rashida Parveen.

Start Date : 2017-12-05 End Date : 2017-12-05

Dept. of Psychology WUM arranged one day seminar on "tolerance and Citizenship" . Ms Irum Mir was resource person.

Start Date : 2017-12-05 End Date : 2017-12-05

Department of English WUM organised one day seminar on Emerging Trends in Poetry And other genres of Literature. Prof. Dr. Mobina Talat , Dean Faculty of Social Sciences , Comsats Islamabad was resource person.

Start Date : 2017-11-29 End Date : 2017-11-29

QEC of women university Mardan organised one day Workshop on Self Assessment Report in collaboration with QEC university of Peshawar for lecturers and Assistant professors at conference room, WUM .

Start Date : 2017-11-27 End Date : 2017-11-27

Women University Mardan Foundation Day. Truly celebrations & excitement were made

Start Date : 2017-10-27 End Date : 2017-10-27

Women university Mardan participated at I M science in connection with 15 years celebrations of HEC. WUM received shield and prize . Chief guest was Regional Director HEC Peshawar.

Start Date : 2017-09-28 End Date : 2017-09-28

Sports week was organised at WUM, in which the students participated whole heartedly in different games. Ms Chaman Gul, Deputy Director Sports UOP was the chief guest at Sports Day. A friendly match of cricket was played between the students and the teachers, which the students won.

Start Date : 2017-05-08 End Date : 2017-05-12

WUM organised one day seminar on importance of CPEC and Chinese language. WUM is initiating inshAllah Chinese language centre in July.

Start Date : 2017-05-05 End Date : 2017-05-05

Vice Chancellor WUM presenting a research at a conference paper organised by university ADEL Salento Italy in collaboration with Al Flah University Dubai at Dubai.

Start Date : 2017-05-24 End Date : 2017-05-24

Spring festival at women university mardan

Start Date : 2017-04-11 End Date : 2017-04-11

QEC women university mardan has arranged a seminar today on plagiarism. Guest speaker was Mr. Salman Ahmad ,assistant director QEC university of Peshawar .

Start Date : 2017-03-22 End Date : 2017-03-22

1st National Seminar Week February 13-17,2017 at Women University Mardan . Eminent scholars from other leading universities of Pakistan are invited to deliver seminars. Today was opening ceremony . Madam Farah Hamid was the chief guest today in the opening ceremony.

Start Date : 2017-02-13 End Date : 2017-02-17

1st National Seminar Week February 13-17,2017 at Women University Mardan . Eminent scholars from other leading universities of Pakistan are invited to deliver seminars. Today was opening ceremony . Madam Farah Hamid was the chief guest today in the opening ceremony.

Start Date : 2017-02-13 End Date : 2017-02-17

1st National Seminar Week February 13-17,2017 at Women University Mardan . Eminent scholars from other leading universities of Pakistan are invited to deliver seminars. Today was opening ceremony . Madam Farah Hamid was the chief guest today in the opening ceremony.

Start Date : 2017-02-13 End Date : 2017-02-17

Faculty of Department of Psychology, has participated in two days training workshop on Youth Led Change making and Social Entrepreneurshiporganized by ORIC, WUM in collaboration with youth engagement services (YES) network Pakistan from 1st -2nd  march, 2018.

Start Date : 2018-03-01 End Date : 2018-03-02

Faculty of Department of Psychology, has participated in three days training workshop on “Professional Skills Development and Entrepreneurship” organized by ORIC, WUM in collaboration with Center for Social Education & Development (CSED) under a project "SheCan" funded by USAID from 7-9 may, 2018 at Women University Mardan.

Start Date : 2018-05-07 End Date : 2018-05-09

Chairperson, Department of Psychology attended two days “Teachers Training Workshop on Microteaching” organized by University of Technology, Nowshera held on 19-20 April, 2018.

Start Date : 2018-04-19 End Date : 2018-04-20

Students and Faculty of the Department of Psychology attended one day workshop on “Data Presentation and interpretation for Effective Publication” on 20th march 2018 organized by Abdul Wali khan University Mardan.

Start Date : 2018-03-20 End Date : 2018-03-20

Faculty of Department of Psychology attended Five days workshop on “Women in Leadership and Management Opportunities and Challenge” from January 22-26, 2018 organized by Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.

Start Date : 2018-01-22 End Date : 2018-01-26

Department of Psychology, Women University Mardan in collaboration with Anti Narcotics Force (ANF), KPK successfully observed Anti Narcotics day. The Chief Guest was Director General ANF, KPK. A poster competition was also organized where students from the entire university participated. The theme for the posters was “causes and effects of drugs”. Student of B.S Psychology secured first position in the competition. The Faculty and students of WUM staged an ‘awareness walk’ against drug abuse.

Start Date : 2017-06-26 End Date : 2017-06-26

Department of Psychology organized seminar on “Workaholism”. Dr Madiha Asghar, Assistant Professor Department of Psychology,  Islamia College University Peshawar was the Guest Speaker. The seminar was arranged in 1st National Seminar Week held from 13th to 17th February 2017 at Women University Mardan.

Start Date : 2017-02-13 End Date : 2017-02-17

Women University Mardan, Department of Business & Economics(Mardan, KP, Pakistan) and Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA) (Pakistan) has successfully organized two days training workshop in Women University Mardan on 5th & 6th March, 2018. 200   students per day from Business & Economics & Social Sciences departments has participated in training workshop. Inauguration ceremony of  the “On campus virtual incubator” was held on 5th March, 2018  for aspiring women entrepreneurs using existing infrastructure and staff Via “on campus” trainings of administrating staff, development of linkages between stakeholders.

Start Date : 2018-03-05 End Date : 2018-03-06

Selcuk University Konya in collaboration with the University of Agriculture, Peshawar,

Pakistan has jointly organized 4th International conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park, at Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey, on November 1st to 5th, 2017.

Start Date : 2017-11-01 End Date : 2017-11-05

Department of Business & Economics (DBE), Women University Mardan (WUM) has successfully organized a study tour for three days International conference on “MARGINALISATION AND SOCIAL EXCLUSION IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF MARKET ECONOMY” on 17-19 August, 2017 at Baragali Summer Camp (Baragali, Abbottabad), University of Peshawar.

Start Date : 2017-08-17 End Date : 2018-08-19

Faculty of Department of Business & Economics (DBE), Women University Mardan organized seminar in Women University Mardan (WUM). The topic of seminar was “Credit-Creation by Commercial Banks” and was presented by Prof. Dr. Zilakat Malik, Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Peshawar, held on 14th of February, 2017.

Start Date : 2017-02-14 End Date : 2017-02-14

A seminar on “YOUTH-LED CHANGE-MAKING through Social Entrepreneurship” on 1st & 2nd March, 2018.

Start Date : 2018-03-01 End Date : 2018-03-02