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Covid 19 Emergency Response Project Launch Event

Iron folic acid supplementation for addressing maternal Anemia in Pakistan (covid-19) Emergency  Response project was launched by Nutrition Internationaal. Event was attended by Dr. Ayesha Bibi and Miss Sadaf Ambreen from 
Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Women University Mardan. 
The project will firstly cover seven  newly Merged of Districts of KPK. Many stakeholders like ministry of health, UNICEF,  Education Department, Nutrition Division and participants from different universities has attended the event. Nutrition International is a global nutrition organization headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. NI is dedicated to deliver proven Nutrition intervention to those who need them the most. In meeting with NI National Program officer Mr. Asim Shehzad said that one in eight adolescents girls in Pakistan are underweight and 56.6% being anemic. He aimed that in collaboration with   Women University Mardan adolescents girls of age 18-19 can be supplemented with fortified food supplements and aimed that Nutrition International will plan some events like seminars, workshops and training regarding Adolescent Nutrition in Women University Mardan in near future.